Why? Why a blog, when everything we do at CJPW revolves around printing, design, fulfillment and mailing. Well, truth be told, it’s time to “get with it”, join the  crowds, get out there and let our audience know just exactly what we’re up to.

Of course, our website tells pretty much the CJPW story, with lots of info, pictures and technical help, but the blog is a chance to editorialize on all that stuff, get a little funky, throw in some absolutely unrelated, but intriguing articles – how about a little Yorkie, for instance? So even though the business of being busy will never change (that’s a good thing), we’re going to attempt to set aside some blogging time.

But just before we officially join the throngs on the blogosphere, let me digress a bit about “digital impressions” and their lack of any tangible evidence – nothing there to literally get a hold of, pin to your wall, stash in a file, feel, handle, fold, staple.  If this sounds like a plug for ink on paper, you’re right. And besides, how do you like getting hundreds of email ads every day, clogging up your digital arteries. Do they have Lipitor for email?

It is a stone cold fact that print’s greatest strength is it’s proven ability to drive marketing results. In support of that claim, check out this quote on digital publishing from Michael Kleper, editor of The Kleper Report.

“Printing is the foundation of our information infrastructure, carrying the content that fuels innovation, records progress, chronicles history*, delivers information, inspires creativity, supports learning, provides entertainment and creates delight and amusement.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Now what were you saying about email blasts?

But blog we must and we’re intent on making this stop-off an interesting one for our readers – with many points of view and many points, period. Lots of the info here on CJPW World has been extracted from previous issues of CJPW NEWS, which we published for a couple years. So stay with us when you can and by all means get involved, blog us back with your comments, suggestions, whatever. It’s all good stuff. But what goes around comes around and I don’t believe the printed word will ever die.