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Now this is where “little” loses its luster. There is absolutely nothing small about the way Millie plays and she will never ever tire of playing. This is the most active Yorkie ever. We’ve spoken to many Yorkie owners and they’ve told us their Yorkies usually just lay around the house and sleep. Not Millie! Millie will play with her toys as long as you have the time and the strength to stay with her.

And does she have toys! There’s a basket full of them in the living room and she knows many of them by name: the donut toy (her current favorite), the ducky toy (her very first toy), the mouse toy, the red heart toy, the Christmas bone toy, the gingerbread man toy, the firecracker toy, pinkie, and on and on. She plays non-stop and we have to break and tell her “time for resting” at which she will walk away and plop down on the floor or sofa to catch her breath. When all’s said and done and everybody’s tired, the general command goes out . . . “time to put the toys for sleeping.” She listens, drops everything and puts on her sad face.

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