About Us

A company is only as good as its people, and ours are among the very best. CJPW’s team of prepress and print production specialists, finishing and fulfillment professionals are some of the finest – and most fastidious – in the business. We genuinely like what we do and work closely together to ensure that every job is produced to CJPW’s exacting standards, which makes our clients very happy.

At the helm is veteran graphics and printing guru Louis LaValle, whose career began in a small print shop where he set type by hand. Four decades and an exhaustive portfolio of experience later, Louis founded CJPW.

Working closely alongside Louis is senior partner Roseanne Patanjo-LaValle. Roseanne’s experience as an advertising vice president and ardent attention to detail has garnered CJPW a loyal clientele.

Every team has its mascot and CJPW is no exception. From the studio to the press shop, the bindery to the mailing house, Millie has pretty much seen it all.